Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Praise

A smattering of reviews and praise.

People love Doug on YELP!

Phil Dorroll – Event Director – US Open Swing Dance Championships, Inc.: Doug Silton represents the way that Professional Dancers and Instructors should conduct their business. He brings talent, knowledge, and most importantly FUN to the education of dance enthusiasts. Love him!

Kamron Sammons, Blues Bellingham, Dance Promoter & Instructor (Bellingham, WA and Seattle, WA): Doug & Nicki Silton came to teach for my venue in Bellingham, WA. not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, proficient, and reliable – I’m convinced that they are two of the best instructors on the planet! If you are in decision about learning from The Siltons, tkae my advice and GO! They will add value to you, your dance skills, and your character in every lesson you take even if it’s just by watching them dance as a couple.

Patrick & Roxanne Flores-Muller, Back 2 Basics Dance Company, Anchorage, Alaska<: Intuitive – the one word that we can use to describe Doug Silton. As a teacher, a dancer, everything about dance and everything he does to interact with people and especially his students is…intuitive. He doesn’t miss a beat, he doesn’t miss a mistake, and he doesn’t miss a well danced move. If you are looking to hire some of the best dance teachers in the world, passing on Doug Silton would ruin your whole day. Doug can make the most basic, beginner dancer feel like they can accomplish anything in dancing that the student puts their hear to; and the most seasoned dancer feeling like there will always be more to learn from him. There couldn’t be more to ask of from Doug Silton. We love him as a friend, mentor, and teacher. Thank you for all you have done for us!

Larry Hough – Toronto, Ont, Canada: I had the pleasure of meeting Doug and Nicki a year ago at the (2013) Bridgetown and after the first lesson, I knew that was who I wanted to work with to improve my West Coast Swing. Doug’s knowledge of the dance and his ability to pick out the minutest details was amazing. His laid back and extremely patient style of teaching was the perfect fit for me as I am not the quickest learner in the world. Having Nicki as your dance partner throughout the lesson just brings another level of expertise that cannot be seen by just observing. Their lessons are not cookie-cutter but are tailored to what you want to learn and their teaching methods make you feel very comfortable even when being given constructive criticism. I am not new to WCS and have taken privates from some of the very best and I would definitely put Doug and Nicki together in that group. I only get to see them a few times a year but when I do it is worth every minute.

Willie Brown, Dancer: Doug – You dance like a gentleman, You have good taste in clothes, and you have a creative entreprenuerial spirit. I really admire your image. Keep up the good work.  When I get younger I want to be just like you.

Eddy and Miky Catana – Temecula, CA: This weekend at Bridgetown Swing in Portland Karla did extremely well, and she got 1st place in the Intermediate Jack & Jill competition. It is almost a year you guys are her instructors, and she is constantly improving under your guidance. We want to thank you again for everything you are doing for her. Your constant care for your students, and passion for dancing give confidence and joy to everybody around you. Karla is lucky to have you as instructors, and we are lucky to have you as friends. You are mazing people and, amazing dance teachers. Thank you again.

Lisa Sandoval, Director of the High Desert Dance Classic – Lancaster, CA: Thanks so much to both of you bringing your dazzling personalities and dancing to the High Desert!!! You guys rock!!!

Jan Tamble, Dancer, Garden Grove, CA: Doug and Nicki – It was fun to take the class last night at Atomic with both of you – I don’t always go on Thursday nights – but went b/c you were both teaching.  I remember being at Halloween Swing thing last year and Doug asked me to dance – I was so shocked that an instructor would social dance and even though I am only intermediate – was honored, flattered and made me think what down to earth people you are – and not at all snooty instructors!  Thanks!  Enjoyed the dance last night Doug – even though I messed up a bunch!

Michael Caro, Dancer, Thousand Oaks, CA: Steven Shulem, Dancer, Santa Barbara, CA: I have been working with Doug and Nicki for years and love dancing with then. Doug has a great way to break down the moves so that I understand and remember what he teaches me. Nicki is a joy to dance with and I enjoy a followers perspective on this learning process.

Doug, Nicki … I just arrived at home but i just want to say : 1000 thanx…… your lessons where awesome! It was so much fun and you gave us a lot to work on…THE SILTONS ROCK yeah! Just wanted to thank you for all the dance instructions and videos and competition tips… guys are awesome!

Carol Ardura, Dancer, Los Angeles, California: I have been their dance pupil for a few years and have learned so much, especially in West Coast Swing, Hip Hop, Lindy and even a little Salsa and Line-Dancing thrown in.  The  important part of learning to me is technique.and style.  My dancing improved so much on both counts.  The lessons were fun and I learned so much each lesson.  Doug an Nicki are great dancers, great teachers, super nice, down to earth. and adorable.  They can make you the best you can be, in dancing that is.

Laurie Silton, Arcadia, CA: You two are absolutely totally amazing. I am one proud mama (and mama in law 🙂

Tish Varletti, Dancer, Placentia, CA<: Energy, positive feedback, knowledge, excitement, fun, committed, encouraging attitude. These are some of the words I think of when I think of these two people. The room is brighter when they are in it; it’s such a pleasure working with them.

Russell Benson & David Kalmanson, Dancers, Los Angeles, CA: The Siltons are our favorite dance teachers. Their energy and enthusiasm convinced us we could be better dancers, and their skills and patience made it happen.

Nicki Nash, Dancer, Conan O’Brien Show, Los Angeles, CA: Doug and Nicki are great teachers.  I was lucky enough to have several privates with Doug and not only did I learn more than I had with other teachers, but I had SO much fun.  It was great to see Doug and Nicki show me some of their styling moves, and feel supported by both of them as I continued to learn.  A key thing for me: when I saw Doug at various dances, he made a point of dancing with me, rather than stick with people at his own level (as I’ve seen with other teachers.)  I found this very generous.  It contributes to a growing and happy dance community.  One memorable night I even danced a threesome with Doug AND Nicki  They are terrific.