The Silton Intensive

The Silton Intensive


The Silton Intensive involves an intricate syllabus for West Coast Swing. Created by Doug Silton in 2001, TSI is an ever-growing and ever-changing curriculum for dance and partnering technique, the visual impact of the dance, and philosophies that work well within its own system as well as through other dance systems as well.
TSI can be taught in a rotation system but is best in a non-changing partnered format with seated lectures followed by non-rotational practice and integration. In this setting, TSI is perfect for all-levels.
Topics include:
• the ultimate handgrip
• slot control and sharing
• working to and from the wrist
• pre-leads
• key leads
• and much much more!
Would you like The Silton Intensive to be taught in your town? Contact Doug to let him know!
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