Doug Silton Dance

The Funky Side Vol. 2

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From Doug Silton and Pete Green comes the outrageously awesome guide to solo dancing: The Funky Side Volume 2.

Pete Teaches:

  1. Funky Fishtails

  2. Double Lock to Clap

  3. Charleston Basic

  4. Funky Jerk

  5. Roger Rabbit

  6. Funky Charleston

  7. In - Place Floats

  8. James Brown

  9. Continual Hand Waves

  10. Cooler than a Cabbage Patch

Doug Teaches:

  1. Groove Step

  2. Mime/Moonwalk

  3. Side Floats

  4. Arm Rolls

  5. Knees to Elbows

  6. Elvis Knees

  7. Saturday Night Fevers

  8. Raver Dive Hands

  9. Balls on Strings

  10. Knee Drop

  11. Dance Demo


Is your dancing basic? Vanilla? Square? Not anymore it won’t be! The Funky Side, Vol. 2, keeps you moving and grooving. Did we say moving? Yup. Did we say Grooving? Yup. This video is total soul soup for you. Drink it in. Mmmmm. Doug & Pete take you through 20 Funk & Soul movements. After each movement is broken down, dance it along with them for a complete song to “get your practice on.” The best part of this video? Learning to MOVE your body. The second best thing? You don’t need a partner. The third best thing? Practice time with Doug & Pete!