Doug Silton Dance

The Funky Side Vol. 4

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Nicki Teaches:

  1. Grapevine

  2. Advanced Grapevine

  3. Honky Tonk Walk

  4. A-Frame Booty Roll

  5. Two-Plane Kicks

  6. Cross-Opens

  7. Shoulders Side

  8. Knee Ups

  9. Fly Back Forward Rock

  10. Four Waller Walks

Doug Teaches:

  1. Kick Grooves

  2. Arm Back Waves

  3. Heel Wheelies

  4. Savoy Kicks

  5. Leg Box Sweeps

  6. Grindin'

  7. Heel Hits

  8. Back Running Rondes

  9. Ravin' 1

  10. Ravin' 2


Doug and Nicki's fourth volume of the outrageously awesome solo dance series, The Funky Side, keeps you moving and grooving. Did we say moving? Yup. Did we say grooving? Yup. This video is total soul soup for you. Drink it. Mmmmm.

Doug and Nicki take you through 20 Funk and Soul movements - breaking down each movement so you can dance along and get your practice on.