Doug Silton Dance

Learn to Lindy

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On this Video:

1-Connection Technique

2-Sways / Jockeys

3-6 Count Rhythms

4-8 Count Rhythms

5-Torque and Swivels

6-The Sendout

7-Left Side Pass

8-Right Side Pass

9-Sugar Push

10-Underarm Turn

11-Tuck Turn

12-Sugar Push Tuck Turn


14-Swingout with Inside Turn

15-Swingout with Outside Turn

16-Overrotating Swingout

17-Lindy Circle

18-1920’s Charleston

19-1930’s Charleston


In this video, the DVD form of the award winning app Learn2Lindy, world renowned dancer and instructor Doug Silton teaches you 16 basic moves and all the connection techniques that you need - giving you the tools to be a brilliant swing dancer!

Running time: 1 hour

Doug Silton, a native of Los Angeles, CA the capital of Lindy Hop, and now a proud resident of Gresham, Oregon, started swing dancing in 1992 and has been  dancing non-stop ever since. He is a 3-time American Lindy Hop Champion and  travels the globe teaching,