Doug Silton Dance

Pimp My WCS Vol. 2

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  1. Ronde’s on the Anchor

  2. Ronde’s while Traveling

  3. T-Triples on your Anchor

  4. Lightening Bolt Tuck Turn

  5. Lightening Question Tuck Turn

  6. Left Side Pass Chugs

  7. Inside Roll Figure 4’s

  8. Body Rolls and Ripples

  9. Anchor Stutters

  10. Traveling Stutters


On Volume 2 of the Pimp My West Coast Swing series, you get 10 great stylings for your West Coast Swing! Fantastic for all levels - and both leaders and followers. Dance with Doug and Nicki Silton while you learn to “pimp out” your dancing and look groovy on the floor!