Doug Silton Dance

Social Spins & Tricks Vol. 3

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On this video:

01_Half Moon to Slow Tuck
02_Half Moon and Barrel Roll
03_Preps and Right/Left Double
04_Double Into Hammerlock
05_A-Frame, Knee Bend, Cast Out
06_Hip Prep to Face Down
07_Country Dip with Options
08_Nick Dip with Swoop Option
09_A-A- with Dislocation
10_Ass-Kick Chasse
11_Ladies' Whip Play with Cast
12_Ladies' Whip Play with Eggroll


On this video, join Doug Silton to learn 12 Social Spins & Tricks for the social or competitive dance floor. Doug breaks down the techniques and styling you need to lead and follow each of these moves for both West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. In this video, Doug is assisted by Amber Ripley.