Doug Silton Dance

Sweet and Sexy Styling Vol. 4

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On this video:

1_Isolation Warmups
2_Cage Isolations
3_Touch Cagehit
4_The Flick
5_Hip Hop Heel Turns
9_Lindy Swivels
10_Twerk Style
11_The Cyclone
12_Heel Arounds


Learn sleek and sexy stylings for your West Coast Swing! On this video, Nicki Silton breaks down twelve simple but attractive stylings for followers who are beginning to add a little something extra to their dance. From anchor variations to 1 & 2 stylings, Nicki demonstrates, explains, and provides practice drills that will take your West Coast Swing to new levels in this third volume of Sweet & Sexy Styling! Nicki is assisted by her husband and dance partner, Doug Silton.