Doug Silton Dance

WCS Styling for Leaders Vol. 1

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Stylings on this video:

1. Cross & Open

2. Open & Cross

3. Stomp-Off

4. & Kick & Cross

5. Ronde to 1 Transition

6. Hold 6 and 1&2 = RLR

7. Back & Back Crossover

8. Booty Rolls

9. Elvis Knees

10. Knee Up and Lunge


Learn comfortable, controlled, smooth, subtle, and flashy stylings for your West Coast Swing! On this video, Doug breaks down ten simple but awesome anchor stylings for leaders who feel that their dance needs a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’. Doug demonstrates the stylings with Nicki and then breaks down the stylings from a variety of anchors, providing practice drills drills that will take your West Coast Swing to new levels!